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A Guide to Sit-Stand Working in the Modern Office: Lunch and Learn with Dr RS Bridger. 26 Oct 18 12:00-14:30pm, Regus St Pauls’ London

In this seminar, Dr Bridger will answer the question:

“What are the key user requirements for the successful introduction of sit-stand workstations and how can we best meet them?’

  1. Is it better to sit at work, to stand or a combination of the two?
  2. What are the pros and cons of sit-stand working?
  3. How can my company get the best out of modern sit-stand workstations and will this create a healthy, more active work environment?

Benefits of Attendance 

Delegates will receive a checklist detailing key points for Sit-Stand Working in the Office and one year’s complimentary Associate Membership of the Charted Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

About the Speaker

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Cost: £125.00

Date: 26 Oct 18

Bookings: Contact Mrs B Parodi

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Sitting and Standing at Work – Past, Present and Future

Origins of sedentary work – time for a re-think?

Are we are we built to sit? Guidelines for seated work
Are we built stand? Guidelines for standing to work

Modern work and physical inactivity




Evidence for Sit-Stand Working

Health or Hoax? The evidence

Evidence for better productivity

Requirements for successsolutions

Future trends – wearable furniture and affordance workplaces

Short Break


Review of Checkpoints, questions, discussion.